Belvedere Preschool is sustained and supported by UK Preschool experts and consultants whom we use their skills and expertise to support our staff. We ensure that our students receive the best possible care and education to help them reach their full potential as well as making sure staff get the appropriate training and provide them with a positive impact.

Belvedere Preschool provides the foundations for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow. The nursery program is based on the national curriculum for England, with the Early Years foundation Stage (EYFS) as its guide. At Belvedere Preschool we use Jolly phonics to help introduce the letters and sounds of the English language. We also use mat-man to help out students learn how to build letters before writing. Mat Man is an engaging classroom character that embodies the Learning without Tears approach to drawing with multisensory activities and strategies that help young learners develop strong drawing and cognitive skills.